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Part V

Electric motors, drives and energy saving

Switchgear assemblies and captive (emergency) power generation

Voltage surges,  over voltages, circuit interrupters and
grounding practices

Power capacitors and reactive power controls

Busbar systems

Energy saving
Energy efficient motors (EEM)
Developments in semi-conductor devices and their
applications in ac/dc drives, HV dc transmission, SVC's
and other power applications
Shielding of signals and isolated or clean grounding of power electronic circuits
Prevention from bearing currents
caused by PWM
Energy based discrimination of current limiting breakers
Compact switchgear
Protection schemes
Intelligent switchboards
Additional tests on switchgear assemblies like :
 - impact test, internal arcing test and separators for operational safety, glow wire test
- Impulse test on LV system
- Restrictions on use of hazardous substances
Some new techniques of
recording and predicting an
Passing reference to tsunami warning systems
Non-conventional methods of current measurement
Hybrid current sensors
Hall effect sensors,
Rogowski coils and Digital optical instrument transformers
EMC/EMI testing requirements
Generator grounding and reactive load sharing
Gas insulated compact sub-stations (GIS)
LV surge protection and surge protection devices (SPDs)
Metal oxide distribution class surge arresters
HV and LV vacuum contactors
Grounding systems
Special purpose capacitors
Auto-reclosure scheme for transient stability and
Use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) system for dynamic stability of a power network
Serial data transmission,
communication interfaces and protocols
EMC/EMI (Electromagnetic
compatibility and
EMC/EMI norms and many more small and relevant topics
Sandwich and compact low loss bus systems
Partially isolated bus-systems
More tables and details on copper busbar systems
Designing of copper bus systems
New safety measures and tests prescribed by IEC

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