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Synopsis PART V

Busbar Systems

Power transfer is a very important area of a power system. In this part it is dealt with in detail for both LV and HV systems and for all current ratings. For large to very large ratings, skin and proximity effects are also discussed to arrive at a design to transfer large amounts of power, without great loss, voltage drop or voltage unbalance. Technical data and current ratings for various sizes and sections of copper and aluminum are provided. The text provides material to design, engineer, manufacture and test a bus system of any current and voltage rating.
This part specifically deals with

Design parameters

Sandwich, compact and partially isolated low loss bus systems

Short-circuit effects

Electrodynamic and electromagnetic forces

Effects of proximity and reducing this by phase interleaving or phase transposition

Designing a reactor for the middle phase to balance a large unbalanced current-carrying system

Recommended practices to mount buses and make bus connections

A detailed discussion on the isolated phase bus system concentrating on continuous enclosures and their design aspects

Sample calculation to design an IPB

Testing of bus systems.

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