Book at a Glance

Applications and selection
Energy efficient (EE) motors
Protection from bearing currents
Applications of semiconductor devices
Soft starting
Energy saving
Books on switchgears
books on busbar calculations
Microprocessor based switching devices (IEDs)
Intelligent starters
Quality assurance
Testing procedures
Power transmission through hydraulic drives
Energy efficient and space saver belts
Manufacturing and design details
Assigning short circuit level to a system
Intelligent switchboards
Protection schemes and intelligent protective devices
Testing procedures covering EMC/EMI requirements
LV impulse test
Earthquake engineering and seismic testing
Instrument transformers
Non-conventional current measurement - Rogowski coil
books on busbar designs
Captive power generation (DG sets) (controls, synchronization, load sharing, grounding and protections)
Cable ratings and selection
Painting procedures and effluent treatment
Theory of over-voltage
Causes and effects
Distribution and station class surge arresters and their selection
LV surge protection and surge protection devices (SPDs)
ACBs, VCBs, & SF, circuit breakers
HV and LV vacuum contactors
Switching behavior and applications of different interrupters
Gas insulated switchgears (GIS
Ground fault protections
Ground practices
Grounding systems
Applications of shunt and series capacitors
Special purpose capacitors
Switching behavior
Capacitor protections
Testing procedures
books on electrical maintenance
System regulation and improving distribution networks
books on electrical designs
books on bus ducts
books on busbars
Introduction to SCADA for dynamic stability
Serial data transmission, communication interfaces and protocols
EMC/EMI regulations
Non--isolated and isolated phase low loss bus systems and rising mains
Sandwich and compact low loss bus systems
Partially isolated bus systems
Skin and proximity effects and remedy
Design aspects and design procedure for aluminum and copper busbar

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