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Synopsis PART II

Switchgear Assemblies and Captive (Emergency / Standby) Power Generation

the subjects covered aim at providing methods to form specifications and design a switchgear assembly for all power distribution needs. the text covers compact assemblies and intelligent switchboards. It also provides coverage of draw-out assemblies. Establishing the fault level of a system is described including the electrodynamic and electromagnetic forces that arise. Protection schemes and energy based discrimination of current limiting breakers.

An introduction to RoHS (restrictions on use of hazardous substances)

Testing procedures are informative and elaborate

Introduction to EMC/EMI testing

Seismic effects and earthquake engineering is covered in this part to study the behavior of an object under seismic conditions and its suitability for critical installations. the formation of the earth and movements of tectonic plates that cause earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are described.

Instrument transformers (CTs, class PS CTs, VTs and CVTs, etc.) form important components of a switchgear assembly for measurement and protection. They are covered for their specifications, selection and application.

Design of class PS CTs, non-conventional current measurements, current sensors and transducers. Rogowski coils (RCs)

Captive (emergency) power generation covers the application of a diesel generating set, its starting, protection, grounding, synchronizing and load sharing. This forms an important part of power distribution at any installation to provide a standby source of supply.

the entire painting procedure and effluent treatment is covered for those in the field of manufacturing such assemblies and to also save environment.

In an attempt to provide as much information on the related subjects as possible and to make the book more complete for a project or a design engineer we have provided data and tables on PVC, paper insulated and XLPE cables and described in detail the procedure for selecting the type and size of LV and HV power cables.

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