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PART V - Busbar Systems

Chapter 32. Testing a metal-enclosed bus system

Philosophy of quality systems
Recommended tests
Impulse test on LV bus system
New safety measures and tests prescribed by IEC
Procedure for type tests
Routine tests
Field tests

Philosophy of quality systems

Quality assurance
To fulfil the quality requirements, the material inputs going into the making of a bus system must be properly checked as soon as they are received,
• Aluminium or copper sections and sheets (for their cross-sectional areas, thickness of sheet, surface finish, bending properties and conductivity etc.)
• Hardware (for proper size, quality of threads and tensile strength etc.)
• Insulators and supports (for sizes and quality of material)
• Other materials, components or equipment used for making, inter-connections and bondings of such systems
• Cooling systems (in large current rating systems).All these items must be properly checked and recorded according to the manufacturer’s internal quality checks and formats before they are used in the manufacture of a bus system. This will eliminate any inconsistency in a material or component at the initial stage. Similarly, stage inspections are necessary during the course of manufacturing to ensure quality at every stage and to eliminate incorrect construction and assembly or poor workmanship. And thus assure a product of desired specifications and quality.

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